#64 – feeding mothers

I have a day off today. A day off from work and a day off from being mummy. I’ve had several hours to myself, been back to bed and have come out shopping. 

I know I need to take time for myself so I indulge in my favourite sandwich in the marks cafe. As I sit at a table on my own I tuck into my food and I spot two new mothers with babies no more than a month old. One breast feeding,eating forkfuls of cake and the other bottle feeding and watching her coffee go cold. Both are completely unaware of each other but practically opposite. Each delightfully consumed by their small person. 

You can tell several eyes are upon them both. I think the three of us have brought the average age down by about 60 years and the oldies are beside themselves with these newborns. 

Oh what a difference a year makes. This was me. This was my feeding ground. Yet here I sit a year on without my beautiful girl and am enjoying a snippet of what my life used to be like.I never thought I’d see it again but here I am. The baton seemingly passed on. However, looking at the two new mums I find myself missing those milk drunk, tiny cuddles and wishing that they had only lasted longer. They sure do grow up quick!